Vitamin D - sunshine vitamin

Low vitamin D – Common Medical Problem

Low vitamin D – Common Medical Problem

Many of my patients, who come into the office for their physical exams, mostly their major complaints are feeling dizzy, weakness, tiredness and no energy along with body aches and bone pain. Usually, I run all routine blood tests along with vitamin D, and most of the time I find low vitamin D and the rest of the blood tests usually normal. – Dr. Sarla Kumari 
Specialist Physician Diabetologist at Canadian Specialist Hospital Dubai

Sweet baby Mia, Dr. Ramsey's patient

Thank You Dr. Ramsey Mustafa Al-Omari

Dear Ana, (Ref. Ms. Ana Maria Mandai, Marketing Manager, Canadian Specialist Hospital)

My name is Aida. I am a mother of Mia Moustafa Mohamed, the patient of Dr Ramsey Mustafa Al-Omari, in your hospital.

I would really like to draw your attention to the exceptional work of Dr Ramsey!

Launch Event Endometriosis Center

UK’s BSGE accredits UAE based Canadian Specialist Hospital for its endometriosis center

Canadian Specialist Hospital, announced the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE) accreditation for its endometriosis center at an event recently. The accreditation is the first of its kind for a medical institution in the UAE and confirms that the hospital is well-equipped to conduct accurate diagnosis and offer the necessary treatment with the help of a skilled medical team and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Save Kerala

Save Kerala – CSH Donation Campaign

Canadian Specialist Hospital embarks on a drive to support flood ravaged Kerala

Hospital is running this initiative from 18th till 24th August and people are requested to support this cause by contributing the clothes and other items that will help the needy