Delivery Packages
starts at AED 8000/-*

Delivering exceptional obstetrics and gynecology healthcare for women
of all ages

*Terms and conditions apply

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Mother and Baby Piture

Thinking about where to give birth to your baby?

Our Delivery Packages starts at AED 8000/-*

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Meet Our Doctors

Why Canadian Specialist Hospital

Cesarean Delivery

Highly Skilled

We have a team of highly skilled and qualified doctors and medical team that aim at reaching the highest level of patient wellbeing during pregnancy and delivery.

Antenatal Classes

Free Antenatal

As you prepare for the birth of your baby, your happiness may be mixed with worry or concern about what lies ahead. Free antenatal classes for all expectant mothers booked to deliver at Canadian Specialist Hospital


State of the Art

Our Neonatal intensive care unit is fully equipped with latest Puriton Bennet ventilators, Monitors, Open care systems, Biliblankets etc to care and support sick and pre-term babies.

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