Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy

Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy: Advanced BPH Treatment at Canadian Specialist Hospital

Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy is an innovative, non-surgical treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or enlarged prostate, now available at Canadian Specialist Hospital in Dubai. This minimally invasive procedure uses the natural energy stored in water vapor to shrink excess prostate tissue, alleviating urinary symptoms associated with BPH.

How It Works

The Rezūm System delivers targeted, controlled doses of sterile water vapor directly to the obstructive prostate tissue. Each 9-second treatment releases steam into the prostate, where the stored thermal energy is transferred to the tissue. Over time, the body's natural healing response absorbs the treated tissue, shrinking the prostate and opening the urethra.

Key Benefits

1. Proven Effectiveness: Provides significant, sustained improvement of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and quality of life for up to 5 years post-procedure.

2. Convenience: Performed as an in-office treatment at Canadian Specialist Hospital, eliminating the need for a complex hospital setting.

3. Minimally Invasive: No incisions or permanent implants required.

4. Quick Recovery: Most patients return to regular activities within a few days.

5. Preserves Sexual Function: Shown to maintain sexual function post-treatment.

6. Flexibility: Can treat various areas of prostate enlargement, including lateral lobes, central zone, and median lobe.

Procedure Details

The treatment is typically completed in one short appointment at Canadian Specialist Hospital. It does not require general anesthesia, and the number of treatments is determined based on the size of the prostate. The entire appointment usually takes about two hours, including preparation and recovery time.

Ideal Candidates

Rezūm Therapy is indicated for men over 50 years old with a prostate volume between 30 cm and 80 cm. It's an excellent option for those who have given up on watchful waiting and lifestyle changes, men who have stopped or do not want to start taking BPH medications, or men not interested in other minimally invasive or surgical BPH procedures.

Results and Recovery

Patients often begin experiencing symptom relief as soon as two weeks after the procedure, with maximum benefits occurring within three months. The success rate is high, with less than 5% of patients requiring additional procedures within five years.

By offering Rezūm Water Vapor Therapy, Canadian Specialist Hospital in Dubai provides a safe, effective, and convenient solution for men suffering from BPH symptoms. This advanced treatment offers long-lasting relief without the need for major surgery or ongoing medication, making it an attractive option for many patients seeking to improve their quality of life.

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